How To Install Fish Cage – The Only Key Point You Should Know

Aquaculture cage installation might be the hardest process after buying them.

Inappropriate cage installation might lead to damage to cage and fish farming yield. 

In this blog, we are going to reveal the proper aquaculture cage installation for free.

aquaculture cage installation

• Key point
The key point for fish cage installation is to make sure that the cage is fully stretched and stable. To achieve this goal, the cages should be set up and reinforced by the ultra-strong and high-quality frames. When installing the cages in broad water regions, we should insert some bamboos into the corner each bottom and side. They can reinforce the cages and prevent against the storm.
• Net Depth
The cage depth should be less than 3 meters. In phytoplankton rich waters, the cage should be set in less deep. Otherwise, it can be set in much deeper. If the water depth is 3 meters, the bottom of the net should be 30~50 centimeters from the bottom of the lake. If the water depth is less than 3 meters, the bottom of the net should be close to the bottom of the lake.
• Cage density
The cage density is determined by water quality and culture management. For silver carp and Bighead farming, the cages density can be as much as l% of the total water regions. If the water quality is less rich, it should be 0.5% at maximum.
In general, water flow, water quality, and dissolved oxygen volume have a greater impact on cage density. If the water flow is stable, the fertilizer is good and the dissolved oxygen is high, people can set up more cages at certain water regions. Otherwise, people should set up fewer units.

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