Cage Culture For Eel – Full Guidelines From A To Z

Cage culture for eel is very promising. It has the advantages of less disease, high survival rate, fast growth and easy fishing. It is an ideal breeding method. Now cage culture for eel is very popular around the world.
1. Cage culture for eel: Technical key points
The cage culture of Monopterus albus has two kinds. They are of deep water soilless culture and shallow water culture.
2.  mariculture of Monopterus eel in deep water soilless. The net cage is into the water depth of 50 centimetres. The net bottom has no soil. The main advantage of this kind is that the eel grows fast. It has fewer diseases and more convenience.
The specific cultivation techniques are as follows.
3. Location of net-cage
The water source is rich, pollution-free and pH is good. The average pH is between 6.5 and 7.5. The cage can be set up in ponds, lakes and rice fields.
4. Network cage setting
It is best to use open net-cage culture. The knottedness and polyethylene mesh are preferred. The size of the mesh should be 0.6 to 1.3 millimetres. The cage should be rectangular. The net cage should be 12~20 square meters. The net cage should be 0.5 meters into the water. The bottom of the cage can not attach to the pool. It should be 0.5 meters above the water. The spacing from each other should be 0.8 meters. The distance should be 1.5 meters. It is convenient for bait and water exchange. The proportion of net-cage should be generally less than 40%.
5. water quality control
Water quality control is an important process in the eel culture. It is necessary to regularly sprinkle beneficial microorganism to make aquaculture good.
6. disease prevention and control
In the deepwater soilless cage, eel can be cured if the quality of the eel is strictly controlled. The key for disease prevention is to maintain good water quality and feed good bait.
7. daily management
Check the pond and observe the eel Every day. Check whether the net cage is damaged or not. Check if there is eel escaped at the inlet and drainage. Find the problem and deal with it in time. In summer, we must prevent water temperature from being too high. When the growth of aquatic plants is too luxuriant, we should clean up excess weeds.
cage culture for eel
8. aquaculture of Monopterus eel in shallow water with soil net. It is usually in smaller and shallow water. The depth of the cage is not more than 50 cm. 10~20 cm soil is stacked in the box. The main advantage of this mode is that it grows fast and is easy to manage. The specific cultivation techniques are as follows.
9. The depth of the net is 30~40 centimetres in the water. The bottom of the cage is laid on the bottom of the pool. 20~40 centimetres of mud is laid on the net. Soil should be flat.
10. The water quality control should be strict. The depth of net is relatively shallow into the water, compared with that of the soilless cage. Change water regularly every 7~10 days. Check the net cage regularly. Find out loopholes and repair in time. Prevent the eel from escaping.
11. overwintering management
When the temperature drops to about 10 degrees centigrade, let the eel hibernate. When the temperature is about 5 degrees centigrade, a layer of dry rice straw, with a thickness of 10~15 centimetres, should be laid in the net.
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