Cage Culture For Snakehead – 99% People Don’t Know The Tricks!

Cage culture for snakehead is a new breeding model in recent years. As the rising need for snakehead, the cage culture for snakehead is expanding.
Technical points of snakehead in cage culture
(1) the location of the net cage
The cage should be placed in the quiet and clean waters. It should be ventilated. The dissolved oxygen should be rich. The water depth is not less than 2.5 meters. The oxygen resistance of the snakehead is strong and the water quality is not too high.

cage culture for snakehead
(2) the structure and setting of the net cage
The mesh should be made of polyethylene. The mesh size depends on the size of the stocking fish. The cage is preferably covered with the net. So as to avoid stockings escaping and bait loosing. When setting up, 4 cages should be arranged in a row. Each cage is 3 meters apart from each other. Each cage should be staggered. The row spacing is about 5 meters.
(3) daily management. Check the water and cage daily. Check whether the net cage is completely open or not. Check where the net is broken or not. Find the damaged grid and repair in time. Prevent the fish from escaping. Ensure the safety of cage culture. Reinforce the net cage in the typhoon and the rainstorm season. Remove the dirt and attachment in time. Keep the water exchange in the cage. Improve the oxygen and ensure the good water environment for the snakehead growth.

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