2 Major Types Of Fish Cages That You Should Know Well

So you are ready to make cage farming business and looking for the CORRECT models for your cultivation.

But you don’t know how to pick up the right type of fish cages. There are numerous similar models in the market. 

Because if you don’t pick up the right one, you will throw your big investment into the water. You don’t want that.

In this blog, we are going to explain the 2 major types of fish cages. This tutorial worths 10 thousand dollars even more!

The temperature and dissolved oxygen inside o fish cages production are very close to the outside water. In the static pond, the cultivation amount is usually limited by the oxygen of water. The amount of restocking cannot be too big. In flowing water, as the dissolved oxygen increase,  the stocking amount can be bigger.

cage culture principle

1. Filter-feeding type cages
Fishes like silver carp will swim through the water and filter plankton. Thus, the stocking density cannot be too high. Even if the stocking density is as large as 20 times, there will no be the problem at all. As long as there is plankton in the water, the silver carps can be replenished continuously. Meanwhile, the water can bring oxygen into the cage. It will bring metabolites out the cage meanwhile. As long as plankton exists, it can get high yield.

2. Feeding type cages
Traditional aquaculture cannot solve the dependency between stocking density, water quality and bait. Because high stocking density is usually with high oxygen consumption. The metabolites cannot be discharged in time. Therefore the water quality will get bad easily. It will lead to low yield, low efficiency and unhealthy aquaculture. But cage culture is a good way to resolve these contradictions and get a higher yield. The good living environment in the cage reduces the feed coefficient. The stockings can only move in a small certain area. Therefore it will lower food and energy consumption as well as increase nutrition accumulation, which ensures healthy.

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