What Is Fish Cage Culturing? A Latest Technology To Boost Your Aquaculture In 2019

Cage culture is very important. Especially when you are looking for new technology to yield your fish farming and make more profit.
You must wonder, what is fish cage culture? Why should I care so much?
In this blog, we are going to introduce the cage culture. By reading through, you will find why it is important for your aquaculture business.

Cage culture is one important form of aquaculture. The cage is made of polyethylene, metal, and other materials. At first, the cage culture was mainly used in large water. The main species were fishes. After decades of development, modern cage culture has improved greatly. The aquaculture has been developed from large water to small ponds. Species have developed from fishes to crabs, monopterus, and others. Aquaculture yields and outputs have been greatly increased.

Cage culture summary

Cage culture is one form of captivity. The water inside and outside of the net can be naturally flowing. Water is constantly updated with wind, waves, and flow. The water inside the box is constantly supplemented. The oxygen and plankton are continuously taken into the net as well. It can provide food for the fishes. At the same time, water can also take away the useless fish bait and feces. It can keep the water fresh inside of the cage, which is good for the stockings. Without a doubt, the water exchange can guarantee the oxygen even for density fishery. Also, it can continuously recharge the natural bait. At the same time, it ensures water quality. It is a modern culture that combines natural environment and intensive cultivation. The cultivation can make full use of the favorable conditions in the large water surface.

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