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Cage farming for loach is widely distributed and common. In recent years, the nutritional value of loach has been developed gradually. Its delicate meat, rich nutrition and delicious taste have been recognized well. Cage farming for loach is very popular at home and abroad.
(1). Technical key points of loach in cage culture
1. location of net-cage
For loach aquaculture, its site should be the lake with shallow water. It is near the reservoir, living in ponds or rice fields. The water should be sufficient and fresh. There should be good water quality with no pollution.
2. The structure of net-cage
The cage should be rectangular. The size is generally 10~20 square meters. The cage is made of knotless polyethylene mesh.
3. network cage setting
The cage is arranged in sequence.The distance is more than 5 meters away from each other. So to ensure the water exchange inside and outside the cage. The bottom of the box should be tightly attached to the bottom of the pool.
4. daily management
(1) wash the net cage regularly. Wash the net 1 times a week. It can maintain the water flow inside and outside the cage. By this, plankton can enter into the cage. It can provide the abundant foundation for loach.
(2) Check the box regularly. Check whether the cage is damaged or not. Pay attention to enemy pests, like a water snake, water mouse and so on. They should be caught immediately after discovery.
(3) always remove the bait, remove the bait in the feed table, and keep the water in the cage. The quality is fresh and fresh.

cage farming for loach

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