Cage Farming For Shrimp – Simple Tutorial That Truly Works!

Cage farming for shrimp has high business value. It is one of the best freshwater aquatic products in the market. Cage farming for shrimp has the advantages of fast growth and short breeding cycle. Net cage culture of prawn has the characteristics of less investment. It has the short breeding period and high yield.
(1) The location of the net cage
Cage for Macrobrachium prawn must be placed in clean water. The water source should be rich with no pollution. It should not be far away from the shore. The surface runoff should be large.
(2) the structure of the net cage
The net is usually made of polyethylene. The box should be rectangular.
(3) network cage setting
The cage is fixed. It can be closed or opened. The cage layout is arranged in a row of 5~10 cages. 4~5 meters away from each box. 80~90 centimetres deep into the water.

cage farming for shrimp
(4) shrimp culture
1. The cage should be checked daily morning. Check the water quality and observe the shrimp activity. Get rid of the residual bait in time. Check whether the net eye is unimpeded every day. The attachments on the net cloth are cleared in time. The net should be cleaned every 10~15 days. At the same time, check whether the mesh of the box is damaged or not.
2. shrimp fishing and overwintering. The shrimp should be caught in time. The green shrimps shelled many times. The growth rate varied greatly. They are easy to kill each other. Catch the large and keep the small. Generally, the shrimp will be caught after about 30 days in the stock. Catch every 7~10 days afterwards.


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