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Building Inspiring Cage Farming

Cage farming is a new segment within aquaculture. Its growing leads new directions for global fish farming.
However, cage farming has never been easy. People must have a deep understanding of much acknowledge and experiences like materials, environments, cage fish farming equipment and cage buildings. At staraq, we have professional experiences to build reliable aquaculture farming cage. As our customers’ unique requirements, we provide custom unique solutions from a single cage fish farming equipment to complex aquaculture solutions.

The fish cages mainly consist of three parts: fish cage frames, fish nets and mooring systems.

The world class cage solution provider

Cooperating with the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, our professional Technical Department design and develop the cages, to ensure all designs meet or expected real-life loads as well as applicable industry standards. Now our cages are adaptable to all locations.

The HDPE floating pipe of the fish cages is from 200mm to 500mm in diameter. Diameters of cages are from 10 m. to 60 meters. The square cages from 6 x 6m to 15 x 15m. The sizes of the cages can be customized.

Circular Cages

Circumferences of cages40-70M70- 90M90-120M110-140M140-180M
Diameters of cages13 – 22M20 – 30M30 – 38M35 – 45M45 – 56M
Floating Pipe diameter250mm315mm355mm400mm450mm
Handrail Pipe Diameter110mm110mm110mm125mm125mm
Stand Pipe Diameter125mm125mm125mm160mm160mm
Stanchion separation2M2M2M2.5M2.5M

Square Cages

Size of cages6 x 6m10 x 10m12 x 12m15 x 15m
Floating Pipe diameter200mm250mm315mm315mm
Handrail Pipe Diameter110mm110mm110mm110mm
Stand Pipe Diameter125mm125mm125mm125mm
Stanchion separation≤2M≤2M≤2M≤2M

The material of pipes and brackets is high quality “high-density polyethylene (HDPE)”. The brackets that we use are manufactured by injection molding process. With Strong anti UV performance, antioxidant properties and flexibility, so forth the cages are long lasting even in the harsh environment. The high-quality raw material ensures the stability of the cages even in areas with high salinity, warm water temperatures, choppy seas, high energy offshore farm sites and areas with high UV radiation.
The pipes are filled with styrofoam hence the damage risk is at the minimum level. The injection-moulded plastic fittings are produced according to strict criteria for strength and safety. The safe and sturdy walkway sections are also available. For the big cages, we also supply the bird net support from 1.5m to 3.0m high.

Quality cage net

The cage net is the most valuable component in any fish cage system. Cage nets are ingeniously constructed and include many different features for safe and practical deployment. All nets should be manufactured to the highest possible quality and should be thoroughly inspected after each process and right up to the complete finish of the process.Net characteristics and cage design can make the difference between a successful fish farm and a failure. Net design, details, specifications and characteristics must be tailored to each farm.
Our aquaculture netting offers non-toxic, anti-rust and chemical-resistant features with superior UV stabilizers for extended service life.
The cage net is normally flexible and made of synthetic netting of nylon or polyethylene fibers reinforced with polyethylene ropes, the UHMWPE also available. The nets are kept stretched vertically with weights at the bottom of the cage or fastened by the rope to the framework depending on the type of cages.
To ensure correct net specifications for your farm site, we design the net for the customers according to the local conditions and technical details of aquaculture operation.

Nylon net

We supply the net made of high-density raw materials with a unique coating which prolongs the lifetime and contributes to the higher abrasion resistance and the optimized water flow.

1.Less resistance to currents
2.Stronger resistance against abrasion
3.Stable mesh size
4. Available in both square and diamond mesh shapes.
5. Treated with primer to ensure the optimal and long-lasting protection of nets and ropes..
Available in both knotted and knotless.

PE net

Polyethylene netting is generally available in diamond mesh shapes. It is generally measured as a stretched lengthwise bundle, but from time to time can be measured depthwise. It is available in black or green.
Polyethylene netting is resistant to abrasion and with good elasticity.
Polyethylene and high density polyethylene nets are used as anti-bird/anti predator nets due to their light weight and resistance to abrasion.

Mooring system

A mooring system is made up of a mooring line, anchor and connectors. A mooring line connects an anchor to the floating cages. It’s very important to keep the cages safe even in a rough condition environment. A high-quality mooring system means the high-quality equipment/accessories with a reasonable design and arrangement.

To arrange the mooring system, the area and sea/lake condition must take into consideration.
Such as the wind and the waves, the current speed and the directions, the depth of the water etc. With a professional and experienced team, we can make a mooring strong and suitable for cages.

Mooring anchor

The mooring system relies on the strength of the anchors. The holding capacity of anchors depends on the digging depth and the soil properties. We supply the anchor with a special design, high quality controlled, adapt to different sea bottom condition.

Mooring buoys

The mooring buoy is PE rotational mold or injection mold, UV stabilized, with different volumes and dimensions.

Mooring ropes

The PP, Nylon or Dyneema ropes with different sizes. The ropes are made of UV-stabilized high tenacity, all are certificated. The ends of the rope with the galvanized mooring eyes which can protect the rope when connecting with the shackles. Polypropylene ropes with an attractive price are of average abrasion resistance and resistant to the chemically active habitat. The distinctive features of the Nylon ropes are the high tenacity as well as the resistance to drop loads and to wear.

Chains, mooring plates and shackles

Chain is the most common choice for permanent moorings in shallow water up to 100 m. The quality of the chains, mooring plates and shackles are strictly controlled and tested, ensure the strength is high enough to match the system. The dimensions of the chain we supply can meet different customer’s request. The mooring plates and shackles are galvanized.

mooring system

Fusion machine

If you need to join plastic pipe and fittings together, you might need the fusion machines. These machines are ideal for joining all kinds of pipes such as polypropylene pipes or polyethylene pipes. The basic function of fusion machine is to heat up the ending of pipes and fittings and then  connect them by the external force in order to generate the bond. Most popular sized pipes are well available for the fusion machines, from 1/2″ to 20″.

There are many features using fusion machines as follows:
No extra cement and adhesives required.
Very easy to setup and operate.
Very safe to handle.
Suitable for many types of pipes and fittings.

Fish feed machine

Fish feed machine, as well as fish feed extruder or fish feed pellet mill, is widely used for producing different fish foods and pellets. These high quality foods are ideal for feeding fish, shrimps or crabs. With it, you could easily produce different pellets with different shapes, nice taste and high nutrition. Now the fish feed machine has become an ideal solution for fish farms.

There are many features using fusion machines as follows:
Can produce different pellets for all aquatic farmings.
Very easy to setup and operate.
High efficiency with low power consumption.

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