How To Target The Best Fish Cage Model For Your Business? 3 Categories You Must Know About

There are numerous fish cages in the market. Even from one single supplier, they might have a handful of items.

How could you possibly tell which one is best for you? What items will be preferred for your requirements?

Don’t worry, it is very simple. In this blog, we are going to categorize all items. By reading through, you will soon understand the category and locate your best model. Let’s get started.

1. According to the size

  • The large net cage is generally above 60 square meters. The pros of the large cage are with less material and low cost. But it is with poor water exchange and with low single-unit production. Also, it is with heavyweight and bad wind resistance. It is difficult to check the damage. At the same time, it is not easy to monitor the live stockings situation, neither clean the attachments.
  • The middle net cage generally is 30~60 square meters. The middle size cage is between large and small. It has the pros of low cost and medium material. Also, it is a convenient operation and easy to manage. In a word, it has more advantages than a large one. It is the preferred type to culture live water stockings.
  • The small cage generally is below 30 square meters. The water exchange for the small cage is good. It is a high yield and easy to operate. It can prevent disease and easy to wash the cage. And it is also easy to catch fishes. But, there are also some disadvantages along. The main one is the high cost. And the feeding baits are easy to lose and waste

2. According to seal type

The closed cage is generally preferred for filter-feeding fishes with large water and overwinters. The open net cage is generally used for water religions with fewer waves.

3. According to setup structure

  • For the fixed cage, the upper part of the cage is exposed to the water surface. The four corners are fixed with the firm piles. The upper part of the cage is about 1 meter above the water. The bottom is away from the pond mud. This type of net cage is relatively stable because of its fixed piles. It can be installed in the areas of big waves and aggressive water flow.
  • For the Floating cage, it is the one that can float up and down along with the water level. Its effective volume will not change even water level changes. It is suitable for the reservoir and lake with less water, less wind, and wave.
  • For the sink type, the whole net box is submerged underwater. This kind of net box is set up in large waters. It is less used in freshwater. The cage should be completely closed. It is suitable for filter feeding.
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