4 Fatal Factors That Will Destroy Your Aquaculture Business – Read This Before Moving Any Forward!

At present, the development of cage culture is booming. The area of cage culture is expanding. The production of aquaculture is increasing. Aquaculture business is very promising.

That doesn’t mean you could make big money easily. Aquaculture is not a money machine. It is not like you put money into, you can expect more money back sleeping and waiting without doing extra.

There are still some fatal factors that will directly lead to your cage cultivation failure, without your knowing!

In this blog, we are going to review the 5 most fatal factors. This is a great tutorial for those who take their culture very carefully and look for a better profit.

1. Food supply

With the development of aquaculture, the food supply is becoming more and more intense. Especially the price of high-quality raw materials is getting higher and higher.

2. Disease infection

With cage culture scaling up, the new species are also increasing. Meanwhile, the disease has gradually increased. The disease has become a serious problem in cage culture. Once it occurs, the infection rate is extremely high. The incidence and death rate will become high along with.

3. Aquaculture pollution

If the density of the cage is too high, the residual bait and excrement will cause environmental pollution.

4. Scientific management

The technology of cage culture is becoming better and better. But some basic theories about cage fish are still insufficient. Scientific management still needs to be popularized.

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