Two Useful Tips From Experts Speaking about pH Value

pH is an important indicator of aquaculture. It reflects if the water quality is suitable for fish and shrimp and determines the biological reproduction and chemical conditions in the water.

Generally speaking, the proper pH value for fish and shrimp should be 6.5-8.5, which is weakly alkaline. When the pH is not in this range, fish and shrimp will suffer. When the pH is higher than 8.5 and the time exceeds 24 hours, the fish suffer from gill rot disease due to corrosion. When the pH is lower than 6.5, fish and shrimp suffer from floating head disease due to hypoxia and weak digestion.

Why does this happen?

Generally speaking, the main reason for the acidity of water is that the content of organic matter in the water is too high and the dissolved oxygen is insufficient. As the oxidation process is inhibited, fish manure and bait are not fully decomposed. Under the condition that the amount of water does not increase and the organic acids increase, the water becomes acidic and the pH value is low.

How to solve this problem?

It is very important to regularly check and adjust the pH value and ensure a good water environment. To adjust the pH value of the water, you can add an appropriate amount of chemical drugs, such as quicklime. Besides, the easiest way is to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen to provide a suitable environment for phytoplankton and microorganisms.

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