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Choice of premium and proven

The mooring system plays an important in keeping the cages safe in the rough environment. Therefore you need a reliable and proven mooring solution for your cages.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for mooring system. When designing the ideal anchoring system, wind, waves, currents and depth should be taken into consideration and calculation. We have an experienced crew and proven mooring solutions for cage anchoring and mooring.

Checklist of anchoring and mooring

A typical mooring system includes but not limited to anchors, buoys, ropes, chains, mooring plates, shackles, and connectors. Staraq provides all items with premium quality to ensure working performance even facing typhoon Level 12, wave height 6m, and current 1m/s. 


The mooring system relies on the strength of the anchors. The holding capacity of anchors depends on the digging depth and the soil. As critical as they are, we only supply the anchors with a special design and high quality, which are adapted to the different seabed.


The buoys are mainly used for alert and positioning. The buoys are made of PE mainly. With UV stabilization, the lifespan can be extended at least 15%. According to the mooring solution, we provide different volumes and dimensions.


The mooring ropes are manufactured by either polyethylene or nylon. Both are certificated and well designed with galvanized mooring eyes to protect them from wearing out.

With favorable prices, polyethylene ropes are good at abrasion but not good at the sun. With higher prices, nylon ropes are better at abrasion and carrying.

Chains, mooring plates, shackles and connectors

Installing chains is a common choice for long term moorings in the sea. They can play the role of a buffer when the cage system is facing rough wind, waves, and currents. Usually, the chains come with galvanized plates, shackles (mainly omega shackles), and connectors (like D-rings), depending on the mooring site.

All items are well tested and calculated to ensure the performance under the given environment.

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