Most Cultivation Species For Cage Farming Reveal – This Will Help You So Much!

You have got your farming species already. And fish cage farming is a good technology to improve your farming.

You might think, are my species fit for cage farming?

Actually, most water-living species are suitable for culture with cages. Basically, cage farming is 90% similar to water farming. It is just with a smaller space, depending on your order of course. Scientific management is the key point for such technology.

Nonetheless, in the article, we shall share the top 6 species for cage culture. All feedback from our clients. It is only for informational, that doesn’t mean that you can NOT raise others.

For freshwater cage culture

On a large water surface, it is an intensive model of artificial feeding. Therefore fish is still the main type. They are mostly grass carp, silver carp, and snakehead.

On the pond, there are many species that you can culture. But it is recommended to culture one single race in one cage. They are mainly fish, shrimp, monopteros Albus, loach, and so on.

species for cage culture

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