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Recirculating Aquaculture System

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Recirculating aquaculture system, known as RAS, is a new cutting-edge technology to farm fish and aquatic animals by reusing the water within the system. Taking advantage of mechanical and biological filters, this technology makes it possible to come to life. Essentially, RAS can be applied to any aquatic species like fish, shrimps, eels, etc. Most people use the systems to farm fish though.

Recirculating aquaculture system is growing rapidly in many farming sectors. Nowadays, the systems widely used vary from huge plants to small-scale farms. Traditional fish farming relies so much on external conditions like water temperature, cleanliness, oxygen level, etc. While in RAS, the success is mostly depending on the plant construction and these external parameters can affect very little. Today RAS is considered an environmentally friendly technology to produce fish at a commercial level.

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RAS Principle

A recirculating aquaculture system is quite straightforward. The water flows from the outlet of the fish tanks to a mechanical filter then and to a biological filter furthermore. Then it is aerated and stripped of carbon dioxide and then sent back to the fish tanks.

More facilities can be added according to actual needs. These facilities include but are not limited to oxygenation, ultraviolet light, ozone generator, heat exchange, etc.

RAS tank