Mission from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

To facilitate and support the development of sustainable, diversified and competitive fisheries and livestock, Zambia authority decide to implement HDPE cage farming practice. We are pleased to provide the solutions.

Key Parameter

In this project, the square cage platforms have been preferred. Here are the key specifications.

  • Floating pipe, Φ200mm, SDR11, black
  • Handrail, Φ90mm, SDR11, orange
  • Standing pipe, Φ90mm, SDR11, orange
  • Bracket, Φ200mm, black
  • Tee, 90mm*90mm, HDPE
  • PE inner net, knotless, 7ply, mesh size 1cm, H3+1 m, 6m*6m
  • PE inner net, knotless, 18ply, mesh size 2.5cm, H3+1 m, 6m*6m
  • PE bird cover net, knotless, 10ply, mesh size 3.2cm, 6m*6m
zambia cage

Implement With Profession

Our projects cover a diverse spectrum but all share some common factors; they have demanding specifications requiring exceptional engineering and innovative solutions.