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About Us

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STARAQ interest in aquaculture was born when it was hired by worldwide to look after the fisheries and aquaculture portfolio in their commercial division & farming service department.


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Because Nothing Grows Faster Than Fish

We support cutting-edge science and research to grow sustainable aquaculture.

Commercial Aquaculture Farm

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The classic fry farming

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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

How It Works!

Project Different Stages

We bring forward different techniques & strategies to get the best performance for your aquaculture.


Market Survey

The very important thing is to find out if the fish can be sold at acceptable prices and in sufficient volumes. It is therefore important to carry out a proper market survey before further steps are taken.

Project Design

Instead of designing systems by end-users, the best approach is to contact the professional provider, discuss the concepts and sort out the optimal solution based on their actual needs.


No matter for land-based or cage aquaculture, selecting a good site is extremely important. It is linked to the work load while getting permission from authorities to build an aquaculture farm.


As the aquaculture grows and become more and more professional, it calls for skilled employees. Find experienced employees is crucial, which will be related to the farm success or failure.

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Every procedure is traceable, the producer cares for project implementation. Get all answers of questions

How to install the aquaculture facilities?

HDPE cage installation

We provide full tutorials to help with your project installations, including videos, images and detailed manuals.

Alternatively, our engineers are available to present, train and help your projects onsite.

What is the lifespan for HDPE cage?

HDPE cage lifespan

At present, most of the fish cage frame materials in the
world use HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which
has good heat and cold resistance. It has stable
chemical properties, high rigidity, and flexibility.

With proper maintenance, the lifespan of HDPE cage can reach 30 years.

How to protect the fish from natural predators like birds, crocodiles?

HDPE cage bird net

For cage aquaculture, we usually recommend bird nets against bird hunting. It is a net covering the whole top of the cage system.

For crocodiles or snakes, adding a predator net will help. Essentially, it is an outer net protecting the grow-out net inside.

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