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When it comes to high-performance farming, you need equipment and facilities that you could trust so well. STARAQ’s solutions are designed based on today’s most cutting-edge technology and practice. High-quality HDPE cages have become a preferred choice for fish farmers. With Polyethylene, we eliminate corrosion, minimize further maintenance, and extend the lifespan. We do our best to fulfill each individual’s unique needs by providing various models and sizes.

Cooperating with the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, our technical department design and develop the facilities. We are confident that our designs meet or even expect industry standards. Now our cages are adaptable to lakes, rivers, and marine.

Proven Approach

More than a theory, our successful projects have been, in a large part, due to our tried and tested approach.

Turnkey Aquaculture

We provide turnkey aquaculture solutions, starting from hatchery, cage farming, harvesting to final processing and storage.

Great Support

Working in the industry for over 15 years, our passionate teams are passionate and always ready to solve your problems.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We invest in future technologies, such as clean energy, big data and biotechnology etc, simply because we believe in evolution.

Every Component Built with Excellency

To ensure the highest performance and competitive costs, certain components are outsourced and produced by professional manufacturers. In order to eliminate the possible risks, our cooperative partners must be:

  • over 20 years with good reputation
  • certified by the ISO quality system
  • involved into hundreds of projects worldwide
  • problem solving related to the real application
HDPE 250 bracket

STARAQ invests heavily in R&D to keep cutting-edge technologies in aquaculture. We are not only improving the current products but also forecasting the future’s demands.