Hydrology of Persian Gulf

When onshore winds are strong, the level of the coastal waters, particularly in the southern gulf, may rise by as much as 8 feet (2.4 metres), causing extensive flooding of the low sebkhas. Tidal currents are strong (5 miles [8 km] per hour) at the entrance of the gulf but elsewhere—except between islands or in estuaries and lagoon entrances—rarely exceed one to 2 miles (3 km) per hour. The wind affects local currents and sometimes reverses them. Waves rarely exceed 10 feet in height and are the largest in the southern gulf.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Key Parameters

Taking the physical features, maintenance and farming into full consideration, we selected HDPE C60 as pens. Below are the key specifications.

  • Floating pipe, Φ315mm, SDR11, black
  • Handrail, Φ110mm, SDR11, yellow
  • Standing pipe, Φ125mm, SDR11, yellow
  • Bracket, Φ315mm, SDR11, black
  • Tee, 125mm*110mm, HDPE
  • Cement block, 3.5 t, 1.5 m³
  • Anchoring rope, Φ42mm, polyethylene
  • Anchoring chain, Φ42mm
  • Omega shackle, 1 1/2 inch
fish cage mooring line

Implement With Profession

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