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Every model has been thoroughly and carefully designed to deliver an outstanding aquaculture experience. Small details like the width of a tackle tray have been considered. Major features are what really distinguish us from the rest. Features only found on STARAQ like bottom strakes enhance the running and fishing performance of these all-season boats. Exclusive materials that are the product of visionary engineers produce exceptionally strong yet incredibly nimble boats. When you purchase a STARAQ, you’re buying experience, integrity, performance and commitment.

Unique design characteristics ensure high-speed travel, ultra-low wake, industry-leading fuel efficiency, and are fully customizable depending on the vessel’s intended application.

Proven Approach

More than a theory, our successful projects have been, in a large part, due to our tried and tested approach.

Turnkey Aquaculture

We provide turnkey aquaculture solutions, starting from hatchery, cage farming, harvesting to final processing and storage.

Great Support

Working in the industry for over 15 years, our passionate teams are passionate and always ready to solve your problems.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We invest in future technologies, such as clean energy, big data and biotechnology etc, simply because we believe in evolution.

Enhance Experience Through Operational Excellence

STARAQ is more than just a “pretty face”. It’s what you don’t see on a STARAQ boat that is the most impressive. Beyond the beautiful exterior lies a durable welded aluminum foundation. From the longitudinal rib system to the welded-in floor that provides a solid one-piece unit, each boat is built tough and built to last. Also, each STARAQ is the latest in hull design with better performance, better fuel economy and a sleeker style.

alumium boat production

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